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American Corn Farmers

If you grew or sold corn after 2013, you may be entitled to
compensation for income lost as a result of the premature
release of Syngenta GMO Corn seed into the market.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to you to participate.

We will pay all the costs for this litigation, and our farmers owe us nothing for expenses or fees if we are unsuccessful. Read More

How much time and effort
will this take?

It takes only minutes to complete the client agreement form. Read More

I have nothing against
GMO crops. Why
should I join this

This litigation is not an attack on genetically modified corn.

The case alleges that Syngenta failed to keep its unapproved GMO corn trait, MIR-162, separated from other approved corn traits. Read More

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Your Choice of Representation Matters!

As Court Appointed Lead Counsel in the case against Syngenta, filing your claim with us means:

About the Case


Syngenta, an international Swiss biotechnology agribusiness released genetically engineered corn seeds onto the agricultural market before the product was approved for import into China.

The presence of Syngenta’s unapproved corn trait MIR162 has directly resulted in a continuing saga of trade and export disruptions.

The litigation seeks recovery of your lost income due to the resulting decline in corn prices.

Attend a Town Hall Meeting to learn about the case and ask questions. These meetings are scheduled throughout the year. Check here for information about upcoming meetings, or to see where past meetings have been held.

Stay Informed

As your legal representative, we will keep you informed about your case at  every step. Check here regularly for news and information about the Syngenta GMO Corn Litigation.

Syngenta Lawsuit in the News

Jury Awards Nearly $218MM to Kansas Corn Producers

A Kansas jury sided with Kansas corn producers, represented in part by Pat Stueve of Stueve Siegel Hanson LLP in Kansas City, in the first of eight certified state class action lawsuits involving the nation’s corn growers’ claims that Switzerland-based Syngenta’s actions with its genetically modified strains of corn led to the loss of an important market for U.S. corn and causing them economic harm.